About Us

We believe Cross Country’s operating and governance model combines many of the best elements of private equity, venture capital, and family ownership. As with private equity, we have a professional approach to financial and operating performance and on developing talented management teams. Like venture capital, we believe in investing in growth and innovation and encourage our companies to be forward-leaning, especially with respect to technology. As a family-owned group of businesses in operation for almost 50 years, we place a high degree of importance on enduring values, reputation, loyalty, and long-term thinking.

Without outside investors, short-term incentives or fund dynamics, we can orient our companies on long term market leadership and sustained innovation and performance. For executives and management teams, this means focusing on the things that create real value. For employees and associates, this means our companies are places where they can settle in and work together for personal and professional growth. For clients, this translates into quality relationships and an organizational commitment to building programs and services that meet their and their consumers’ needs and can evolve over time. And for service providers and suppliers, this means a long-term focus on building mutually beneficial relationships.